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About company

AETZ “RECORD”, Alexandrov city, Vladimir region (120 км from Moscow) founded in 1997, has serious technical and production potential and has a long experience in the production of Lighting fixtures.

The main products of the factory are the fixtures for indoor lighting under the trade mark “TECHNOLUX” ™. From the date the foundation were made more than 15 million pieces of fixtures.

The production area is over 25,000 sqm., which allows the staff of the company, which employs more than 700 people, to produce more than 250,000 fixtures per month. From the date the foundation, the plant carries out activities by expanding the range of fixtures and the creation of energy-efficient products, in accordance with the new directions and trends in the field of lighting. The plant carries out research and technological work on the search, development and introduction into production of new technical solutions in the design and manufacture of lighting equipment.

Own lighting test laboratory allows to design lighting fixtures with prescribed lighting distribution and to ensure that they are maintaining at a high level for serial production. All products are certified for compliance with the standards of Russia, the Customs Union and the IEC. The plant has modern equipment of the European manufactures and eight Assembly lines, as is constantly upgrading.

This allows us to meet the needs of the market, increase production while maintaining the highest quality products and creates favourable conditions of work of employees. Ongoing plant activities produce products that meet the growing demands of consumers for its quality and reliability. The improvement of the management system at the plant takes place in several directions: • improvement of technologies, products and organization works to improve quality; • create safe working conditions. • delivery of products at the right time and at competitive prices.

That promotes plant development and creation of positive image among consumers The lighting fixtures, produced by the plant are used components of leading world manufacturers: Philips, Helvar, Osram, BJB, Tridonic Atco and others, that ensures their high quality. The plant has successfully developed in the production of new energy-efficient lighting equipment with the use of modern light sources, especially LEDs. The offered range of led lighting fixtures allows to solve successfully the full range of tasks related to the design of lighting and energy saving.